5 Best Corporate Travel Booking Site in UAE

As businesses increasingly recognize the importance of efficient and cost-effective travel arrangements, corporate travel booking sites have become indispensable tools. In this blog, we delve into the dynamic landscape of corporate travel booking sites in the UAE. We will explore their features, benefits, and unique offerings that cater to the specific needs of businesses. From negotiating the best deals to ensuring policy compliance, these travel tech solutions play a pivotal role in shaping the future of corporate travel in the UAE.

 Why Should You Use Corporate Travel Booking Sites?

Corporate travel booking sites in the UAE offer numerous advantages that help businesses save money and streamline travel management. Here’s how:

1. Access Discounted Rates and Fares: Corporate travel sites negotiate competitive rates with airlines and hotels, giving businesses access to exclusive discounts.

2. Customized Travel Solutions: They tailor travel plans based on company policies, budget constraints, and employee preferences.

3. Streamlined Booking Process: These platforms handle flights, accommodations, and logistics, simplifying the entire booking process.

4. Enforce Corporate Travel Policies: They ensure compliance with corporate travel guidelines, helping control budgets.

5. 24/7 Support: Many sites offer round-the-clock support for employees traveling across different time zones.

6. Advanced Travel Management Technology: Real-time data, analytics, and reporting capabilities provide valuable insights into travel expenses and patterns.

 Top Corporate Travel Booking Sites in the UAE

 1. AirRetailer

With corporate travel gaining momentum, organizations are seeking smart and effective ways to optimize their travel budgets while providing employees with intuitive and easy-to-use booking platforms. AirRetailer, backed by IATA’s NDC framework, offers a tailor-made, innovative, value-added global inventory for TMCs and corporate bookings. AirRetailer stands out with its advanced travel management solutions, ensuring that TMCs and corporate buyers have access to the best deals and seamless travel experiences.

 2. SATA (Sharjah Airport Travel Agency)

Founded in 2001 and owned by Sharjah Airport Authority, SATA offers extensive corporate travel services across the UAE. Specializing in MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions), SATA provides a range of services including visa packages, airport transfers, car rentals, flight and hotel bookings, and travel insurance. Their extensive supplier network ensures comprehensive travel solutions for both business and leisure travel.

 3. Bahwan Travel Agencies LLC

With decades of experience in corporate travel management, Bahwan Travel Agencies LLC is renowned for offering tailored travel solutions. They provide a wide range of services including airline and hotel reservations, holiday and corporate tour packages, travel insurance, inbound tours, global travel assistance, and visa services. Key benefits include cost savings, 24/7 support, traveler tracking, and diverse contact options.

 4. Kanoo Travel

A pioneer in the Middle East’s travel industry since the late 1930s, Kanoo Travel is the region’s largest travel company with a network of 146 IATA locations and over 1,445 travel specialists. Specializing in corporate travel, MICE, leisure, holiday travel, airline representation, and marine travel, Kanoo Travel offers premium solutions and service excellence. Their ISO certification and innovative solutions make them a top choice for multinational corporations seeking optimal travel experiences.

 5. Al Masaood Travel

Operating since 1969, Al Masaood Travel and Services LLC is one of the top travel agencies in the UAE. With three major verticals—Al Masaood Travel Management, Al Masaood Holidays, and Al Masaood Logistics—the company offers comprehensive travel programs, visa filing, flight booking, travel management, transfers, and more. Their longstanding presence and market size make them a reliable partner for corporate travel needs.

 6. Sharaf Travel

Established in 1991, Sharaf Travel has grown into a global name in corporate travel management. With accreditations from JATA, Radius Travel, and ASTA, and certifications in health and safety, quality, and environmental management, Sharaf Travel is expanding its operations across the Middle East and India. Their dedication to excellence ensures exceptional support and efficient travel management solutions.


Corporate travel booking sites in the UAE play a crucial role in helping organizations streamline bookings and travel details. With advanced platforms like AirRetailer, businesses can access discounted rates, enforce travel policies, and leverage real-time analytics to make informed travel decisions. These travel tech solutions not only save money but also enhance the overall travel experience for employees, ensuring efficient and cost-effective corporate travel management.