Your One-Stop Corporate Booking Tool

A modern, Corporate Booking Solution, AirRetailer enables easy management of travel bookings for the new-age traveler. From unrivaled NDC rich content, hands-on support, Live tracking of employee travel status and their spend behaviour, Furthermore, they can access the platform from the web or on the mobile. Travelers are enabled to meet their corporate needs, from anywhere in the world.



Why AirRetailer?


With AirRetailer, organizations can ensure business travel continuity irrespective of the external factors. With access at your fingertips for comprehensive reports, policy controls, they can be assured of business travel continuity.


Global Access

With rich NDC-content and access from anywhere in the world, AirRetailer is the only travel and spend tool you need to manage your travel bookings.


Easy to use

As an NDC aggregator, AirRetailer is equipped to give the best possible access to inventory for booking, reporting and implementation. With an efficient self booking tool, travelers are empowered to search, book, and manage all of their travel plans in one place.



24/7 access to our travel experts for immediate and expert assistance regarding all your concerns, from policy best practices to rates and services.