It is designed to boost productivity of your employees and management by allowing better process control, easy monitoring and planning of travel spends. Additionally, it offers access to a global inventory for the best fares to tailored itinerary management, easy corporate payments and timely reporting, AirRetailer’s technologies are well-catered for today’s busy TMC’s and corporate travel agents.

Single Spend Solution

AirRetailer’s unified payment and expense capabilities supports real time decision making and streamlines the experience for travelers, travel agents and finance managers. Its access to a global network of fares allows makes it an all-in-one T&E platform.

Easy to use

AirRetailer can be easily and quickly set up to scale your business. It offers a Cloud-based service that gives access to efficient reporting process, traveler safety tools and the best technology for corporate travel.

Setup is hands-on and on boarding easy, to ensure Privacy and Compliance.

IATA Certified
IATA Certified
IATA Certified

IATA Approved

AirRetailer’s fully-scalable, end-to-end flight shopping and booking experience will deliver on IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) industry standard. This ensures a comprehensive and transparent travel shopping experience the industry.

24/7 Live

Customers using the AirRetailer platform will remain connected to experienced, agents globally, who will remain proactively connected to ensure no concerns on the itinerary while ensuring safety and security of data..