The Need for Corporate Travel Management Software

Business travel is essential for expanding into new territories, regions, states, and international markets. It enables companies to execute projects, establish their brand presence, and enhance networking. Many companies depend on business travel to boost sales, as face-to-face meetings are often critical for closing deals. To simplify business travel, most companies are turning to corporate travel management software.

An advanced travel management platform helps manage travel booking complexities, prevent expense fraud, and enhance travel policy compliance. Corporate travel management software provides duty of care solutions while automating expense reporting and generating comprehensive expense data. Choosing the best corporate travel management solutions simplifies travel management and enhances the overall travel experience.

 Key Features to Look for in Corporate Travel Management Software:

When selecting the right corporate travel management tool, organizations must consider several critical aspects. Evaluating the tool based on the following criteria can help determine its effectiveness and relevance:

 1. Ease of Adoption

An ideal corporate travel software is easy to adopt and user-friendly for all employees. A simple learning curve ensures its use across all levels. Key features to check include:

– User-friendly interface: The interface should be intuitive, ensuring seamless access to flight status, approvals, and policy-compliant travel bookings.

– Multi-platform accessibility: Employees need access to the platform through a mobile app, enabling easy expense reporting, travel booking, and real-time updates. The software should also allow expense report creation and submission via the app, with a mobile scanner for capturing receipts, reducing the admin burden.

 2. Access to Multiple Features

Established corporate travel management solutions should offer features tailored to your organization’s needs. SaaS-based platforms like Air Retailer allow customization for quick adoption.

– Free and easy setup: The software should be set up easily without additional costs, compatible with tablets, iPads, and laptops, and require no upgrades.

– 24×7 accessibility: The platform must support round-the-clock access with no downtime, and the provider should offer technical support.

– Cloud-based platform: On-demand scalability and cloud features enable anytime, anywhere access via the internet, accommodating additional employee profiles as needed.

– Complex policy integration: The software should handle complex travel policies, supporting multiple employee levels, destinations, travel modes, and approvals.

– Travel policy customization: Real-time updates to travel policies should be reflected immediately for employees.

– Approval workflow configuration: The software should allow configuring approval workflows for travel requests and expense reports.

 3. Safety Enhancing Features

Corporate travel software must include safety features for duty of care compliance.

– Tagging and blacklisting hotels and cities: The software should enable safe tagging of hotels that meet WHO safety standards and block unsafe hotels and cities.

– Live employee tracking: Real-time tracking features help locate employees during emergencies.

 4. Round-the-Clock Support

The corporate travel management tool should offer multi-level emergency support with 24×7 access to human agents.

 5. Advanced Reporting and Analytics

The software must provide advanced analytics and reporting to support travel and expense management processes. Access to analytics enables data-driven decisions to optimize travel costs. Platforms like Air Retailer help organizations achieve greater policy compliance and cost efficiency by offering actionable insights and real-time travel data on a centralized platform.

 Why Your Business Needs Travel Management Software:

Effective business travel management is crucial for streamlining travel, reducing complexities, and enhancing employee satisfaction. Comprehensive corporate travel management software ensures policy compliance, employee safety, and cost control. By enabling self-booking, the software boosts productivity and improves employee satisfaction.


The success of your travel program depends on the type of corporate travel management tool you choose. A robust solution helps travel managers ensure policy compliance and employee safety. Air Retailer, a SaaS-based travel management solution, offers an intuitive dashboard and easy accessibility from any internet-enabled device, ensuring employee well-being, duty of care, and travel policy compliance. Choose Air Retailer to optimize your corporate travel management and enhance your business travel experience.