Streamline Your Travel Management and Online Booking

In the ever-evolving world of corporate travel, efficiency and personalization are paramount. AirRetailer stands at the forefront of innovation, offering an all-integrated, personalized travel booking platform designed to meet the diverse needs of Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and corporate travelers. Discover how AirRetailer can revolutionize your travel management with seamless access to comprehensive travel content and superior booking capabilities.

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AirRetailer is the industry’s most advanced travel and spend solution, providing a single-screen interface that integrates content from various sources, including NDC (New Distribution Capability), LCC (Low-Cost Carriers) airlines, and GDS (Global Distribution System) platforms. This integration ensures that TMCs and corporate travelers have access to the best available fares and a wide range of travel options.

Key Features:

1. Unified Travel Content:

   – Access a comprehensive range of travel content from NDC, LCC airlines, and GDS platforms all on one screen. This integration simplifies the booking process and ensures you find the best options for your travel needs.

2. Global Network of TMCs:

   – Corporate travel managers can choose from a global network of TMCs, ensuring access to the most competitive fares and the best travel deals available worldwide.

3. Seamless Travel Management:

   – TMCs can effortlessly manage travel bookings and itineraries, streamlining the entire process from start to finish. This includes managing payments, expenses, and customer inventories.

4. Personalized Booking Experience:

   – AirRetailer offers a personalized booking experience tailored to the specific needs of corporate travelers. This ensures that every booking aligns with company policies and individual preferences.

Benefits for Corporate Travel Managers and TMCs :

For Corporate Travel Managers:

– Comprehensive Travel Options: With access to an extensive range of airlines and travel content, corporate travel managers can find the best routes and fares for their travelers.

– Best Fare Guarantee: Utilize the global network of TMCs to secure the most competitive prices, ensuring cost-effective travel management.

– Efficient Booking Process: Streamline the booking process with a single-screen platform, reducing time and effort in managing travel arrangements.

For Travel Management Companies:

– Enhanced Customer Management: Create and maintain an inventory of existing and new customers, facilitating quick and easy access to client information.

– Integrated Payment and Expense Management: Seamlessly manage all aspects of travel payments and expenses, improving financial tracking and reconciliation.

– Superior Travel Solutions: Offer clients the best travel solutions with integrated content from NDC, LCC airlines, and GDS platforms.

 Experience the Future of Travel Management with AirRetailer:

AirRetailer is dedicated to providing an unparalleled travel management experience. Our platform not only simplifies the booking process but also enhances efficiency, visibility, and control over travel expenses. With AirRetailer, TMCs and corporate travelers can enjoy:

– Access to a wide range of travel content from multiple sources

– A global network of Travel Management Companies

– Seamless travel booking and itinerary management

– Personalized travel solutions that meet company policies and traveler preferences

Join the revolution in travel management and online booking with AirRetailer. Elevate your corporate travel program with our innovative platform designed for the modern traveler.