A Personalized, Reliable and Seamless Corporate Booking Search Engine.

AirRetailer is IATA‘s NDC-backed corporate retailing experience that offers a tailor-made, innovative, value-added global inventory for TMC’s and Corporate Bookings.

Air Retailer Online Airline Ticket Booking , Corporate Travel Management
Travel Management & Online Booking

An all-integrated, personalized Travel Booking Platform

  • AirRetailer is the industry’s most innovative Travel and Spend solution that offers access to content from NDC and LCC airlines and GDS integrated platforms on a single screen, for TMCs and Corporate Travelers.

  • With AirRetailer, corporate travel managers can choose from a global network of TMC’s, opening channels that will guarantee the best fares.

  • Travel Management Companies can seamlessly manage travel bookings and itineraries, manage payment and expenses and create an inventory of existing and new customers, allowing for quick and easy access.

Business Travel Booking , Corporate Travel Management, Flight Booking
 Spend Management, Airline Tickets, Travel Agency, Corporate Travel Management
Corporate Booking, Flights, Budget Travel,Corporate Travel Management
Powerful Technology meets Global Inventory

AirRetailer is built against a framework that highlights some of the important components needed for a TMC or corporate buyers and travel managers’.

The platform enables TMC’s with access to supplier offers and orders including: Airline NDC APIs, Travel APIs, non-air ancillaries and Airline.com’s.

  • Cost Control and other compliance.

  • Better management of spend reporting and Invoices.

  • Easy Expense Management solutions.

Corporate Booking, Business Travel, Spend Management, Airline Tickets
Corporate Travel, Corporate Booking, Business Travel, Spend Management

The single-platform solution uses IATA-approved next -generation technology that offers various services.

  • Automated Accounting .

  • Virtual and physical payment technology.

  • User Support Desk.

Access Anywhere

A quantum leap in payments, expense and reconciliation technology

  • The end of expense reports – automatic expense reimbursement with powerful policy controls.

  • Virtual and physical payment technology that provides unparalleled visibility into program spend.

  • Happy travelers free from expense reports and happier admins free from reconciliation woes.

  • 100% Traveler Satisfaction.

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Business Travel, Spend Management, Airline Tickets
Corporate Travel, Spend Management, Airline Tickets
Universal Access

Companies of every size, industry and geography can benefit from AirRetailer.

Air Retailer Corporate Travel, Corporate Booking, Business Travel, Spend Management, Airline Tickets

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