Why does your business need AirRetailer’s T&E solutions ?

Corporate travel is slowly but surely picking pace as more and more companies are choosing to go back to in-person meetings and events. It’s a period of uncertainty when finance and management teams are overtly cautious, not only about their employee’s safety and security but also about business spends and growth.

As companies gear up for this new normal, it has is today crucial to reevaluate whether their current T&E platforms can support business continuity from anywhere in the world.  

Catering to this new segment, AirRetailer is a new disruptive launched in the Corporate T&E Management sector, which uses technology to connect business travel and expense management. It was developed to provide businesses with clarity and control over their travel bookings, travel finances while allowing them real-time transaction visibility, efficient spend reporting and so much more.

What differentiates AirRetailer’s end-to-end, corporate booking tool from other travel providers is that they deliver on IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) standard. This means the option to choose fares, deals and offers from NDC -certified airlines and low cost carriers;  opening doors to an unrivaled choice of air fare inventory, based on employee preferences and personalizations.

The website also features an itinerary management functionality that allows the HR/Management team to track and monitor your employees at every step of their journey.

AirRetailer also allows organizations to function smoothly with its comprehensive traveler reports, real-time tools and access to data, end-to-end functionalities like integrating travel booking, payments, and expense solutions, it ensures savings, productivity, and compliance.

The company is also working towards achieving its Airline Retailing Maturity (ARM) index, IATA’s newest NDC-standard aimed to drive value through retailing.

So, Why do you need AirRetailer?

One of the key highlights of AirRetailer is its easy and efficient set-up. It offers a Cloud-based service that gives access to efficient reporting process, traveler safety tools and the best technology for corporate travel. Its unified payment and expense capabilities means real time decision making for travelers, travel agents and finance managers alike.

Customers using the AirRetailer platform are also ensure of safety and connectivity as they remain connected to experienced agents, 24/7/365.

With real-time spend tracking, travel managers can now have ultimate spend control when it comes to travel bookings, corporate payments and better expense management, all on one platform.  This flexibility is extended to efficient reporting of daily, weekly or monthly spend and expense reimbursement reports, creating personalized spend plans,  budgeting, and forecasting, all in one place.

These functionalities allow for up to 95 per cent time management which in turn drives smarter decisions and better visibility to run businesses. With the right technology and tools, it is ready to rebuild business travel, as we know it.