Easy Booking

The AirRetailer booking tool was built to cater to the modern, enterprise business traveler. In addition, its IATA NDC-rich content and technology allows for easy traveler management, based on previous booking behavior and company policies, allowing users to make new bookings quickly and efficiently. Just search, book, pay, travel and expense – on one platform.


AirRetailer’s Booking tool

A Perfect Choice for your Corporate Booking.


Travel Aggregator

AirRetailer’s booking tool offers today’s modern, business traveler access to global aggregators with rich content that allows them to seamlessly search, book, pay and expense, on an easy-to-use platform.


State of the Art Technology

Air Retailer’s state-of-the-art travel technology can generate tremendous savings while also improving employee satisfaction and allowing finance teams to digitally transform their business travel tech stack and drive top-line growth and bottom-line savings.


NDC backed technology

AirRetailer’s NDC-backed technology allows it to learn from traveler data and understand the most relevant and personalized booking results, saving time from multiple site searches.


Wide Choice of Extras

AirRetailer offers access to a wide choice of air and non-air ancillaries including seat selection, extra baggage, hotel bookings, car rentals to match every traveler’s preferences.