Discover the Unique Advantages of AirRetailer: The Premier Corporate Air Travel Software

In the dynamic realm of corporate travel, finding the right software solution can significantly enhance efficiency, cost management, and overall travel experience. AirRetailer, a leading corporate air travel software, offers unparalleled features tailored for corporates, Travel Management Companies (TMCs), and airlines. Here’s why AirRetailer should be your go-to choice.

 Unique Solutions for Corporates, TMCs, and Airlines

AirRetailer provides bespoke solutions catering to the distinct needs of corporates, TMCs, and airlines. Our platform ensures that each sector receives tailored functionalities, optimizing travel management and improving operational efficiency across the board.

 Multi-Content Source and Multi-Agency Support

With AirRetailer, you benefit from multi-content source and multi-agency support. This flexibility allows you to access a diverse range of travel options, ensuring that you always get the best deals and comprehensive travel solutions.

 Enhanced UI/UX with Self-Credential Configuration

User experience is paramount in today’s digital age. AirRetailer boasts an enhanced UI/UX, coupled with self-credential configuration, making the platform intuitive and easy to navigate. This feature reduces the learning curve and increases user satisfaction.

 Branding Incorporation and Custom Policy

Maintain your corporate identity with AirRetailer’s branding incorporation feature. Additionally, our custom policy functionality allows you to enforce corporate travel policies seamlessly, ensuring compliance and streamlined travel management.

 Exclusive IATA Partnered Corporate Booking Tool (CBT)

AirRetailer is proud to be the only IATA partnered Corporate Booking Tool (CBT). This unique partnership provides an added layer of credibility and reliability, ensuring that your travel operations are in expert hands.

 Secure Payments with IATA Financial Gateway

Payment security is a critical concern in corporate travel. AirRetailer’s integration with the IATA financial gateway ensures that all transactions are secure and efficient, giving you peace of mind with every booking.

 Complete Data Control

With AirRetailer, all your data resides with your company, not the TMC or AirRetailer. This ensures data privacy and security, empowering your organization with full control over your travel information.

 Single Payment Portal for Bundled Offerings

Simplify your financial processes with AirRetailer’s single payment portal for bundled offerings. This feature streamlines transactions, making it easier to manage payments and financial reporting.

 Custom, Secure, and Seamless Solutions

AirRetailer provides custom, secure, and seamless solutions tailored to your business needs. Our platform integrates effortlessly with your existing systems, enhancing functionality and ensuring smooth operations.

 Leveraging AI for Superior Travel Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the core of AirRetailer’s innovative approach. Our AI-driven features enhance travel management by providing intelligent recommendations, optimizing booking processes, and ensuring the best possible travel outcomes.

 Eliminating the Middleman

AirRetailer eliminates the middleman, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. This direct approach ensures faster transactions and more transparent processes, benefiting both your company and your travelers.

 Single User Reference for All Orders

Manage all your travel orders with ease using AirRetailer’s single user reference system. This feature consolidates all orders under one reference, simplifying modifications and cancellations.

 Instant Cancellations and Modifications with OCN

Experience hassle-free travel management with AirRetailer’s instant cancellation and modification feature, supported by OCN (Order Change Notification). This ensures that any changes to your travel plans are executed promptly and efficiently.

 End-to-End Accounts Reconciliation with Back-End Integration

AirRetailer provides complete end-to-end accounts reconciliation with robust back-end integration. This feature streamlines financial management, ensuring accurate and efficient reconciliation of all travel-related accounts.

 Single Layer for Approval Management

Simplify your travel approval process with AirRetailer’s single layer for approval management. This feature ensures that all travel approvals are handled efficiently, reducing delays and ensuring compliance with corporate policies.


AirRetailer stands out as the premier corporate air travel software, offering unique solutions and unmatched features tailored for corporates, TMCs, and airlines. From enhanced UI/UX and secure payments to AI-driven management and end-to-end reconciliation, AirRetailer transforms the way businesses manage travel. Experience the future of corporate travel management with AirRetailer, where efficiency, security, and customization are at the forefront.