Corporate Travel Planner: Why You Need One

Managing business travel is a complex and demanding task that requires meticulous planning, financial oversight, and strict adherence to company policies. A corporate travel planner, also known as a corporate travel manager, is essential for streamlining this process and ensuring cost-effective and efficient travel management.

 What is a Corporate Travel Planner?

A corporate travel planner is responsible for overseeing all aspects of business travel for a company. This includes securing accommodations, arranging transportation, organizing budgets, ensuring travel compliance, and even handling restaurant bookings. They are the backbone of a seamless business travel experience, ensuring that every trip is well-coordinated and cost-effective.

 Key Responsibilities of a Corporate Travel Planner

1. Managing Business Trip Expenses and Reimbursements: They handle credit card schemes, charges, and ensure timely reimbursements.

2. Overseeing Travel Arrangements and Logistics: From booking flights and hotels to arranging local transport and venue spaces.

3. Maintaining Relationships with Travel Vendors: They manage relationships with airlines, hotels, and travel agencies to secure the best deals.

4. Ensuring Compliance with Travel Policies: They develop and enforce corporate travel policies to maintain budget control and compliance.

5. Providing Travel Documents and Insurance: They handle all necessary travel documentation and ensure compliance with insurance and regulatory requirements.

 Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Travel Planner

 Cost Savings on Business Flights

– Pre-Negotiated Rates: Secure discounted corporate rates on flights and accommodations.

– Exclusive Offers: Access to discounts and offers for frequent corporate travelers, helping avoid third-party fees.

 Convenience and Efficiency

– Streamlined Booking Process: Simplify the booking process for flights, hotels, and transport, saving time and reducing hassle.

– Flexible Travel Plans: Easily manage changes to travel plans with features for date changes and cancellations at reduced costs.

 Enhanced Employee Experience

– Perks and Benefits: Employees can enjoy loyalty points, cashback, free meals, and seat selections, enhancing their travel experience.

– Productivity Boost: Comfortable and well-organized travel arrangements lead to increased employee productivity.

 Better Control and Visibility

– Compliance and Budget Control: Ensure all travel bookings adhere to company policies and budget constraints.

– Comprehensive Reporting: Generate detailed travel reports to track expenses and optimize future travel budgets.

 Dedicated Support

– 24/7 Assistance: Provide around-the-clock support to resolve travel issues and ensure smooth travel experiences for employees.

 In-House vs. Agency Corporate Travel Planners

 In-House Corporate Travel Planners


– Immediate access and direct communication.

– Tailored to company-specific needs and policies.

– Easier integration with internal teams and processes.


– Higher costs due to full-time employment.

– Limited resources compared to agencies.

 Agency Corporate Travel Planners


– Access to a wide range of expertise and resources.

– Cost-effective as you only pay for the services you need.

– Scalable solutions for varying travel demands.


– Potential challenges with team integration.

– Dependency on third-party service providers.

 Essential Tools for Corporate Travel Planners

– AirRetailer: An all-in-one travel management platform offering extensive inventory, 24/7 support, and green options for carbon offsetting.

– Payhawk: Expense management software for tracking company spending and managing invoices.

– Tripkicks: Provides insights and alerts for business trips, helping manage travel changes and requirements.

– Goodwings: Facilitates responsible travel through carbon offsetting and emission calculations.


A corporate travel planner is a crucial asset for any business, ensuring efficient and cost-effective travel management. Whether you choose to hire an in-house planner or partner with an agency, the benefits are clear: significant cost savings, streamlined processes, enhanced employee experiences, and better control over travel policies and expenses. Invest in a corporate travel planner today and take your business travel to new heights.