How Business Travel Websites Like AirRetailer Save Your Company Money

In today’s fast-paced business environment, managing travel expenses efficiently is crucial for maintaining a healthy bottom line. While many business travelers book trips using online travel agencies (OTAs) or directly on airline and hotel websites, these methods often lead to overpaying. Dedicated business travel websites offer a more cost-effective alternative. Here’s how AirRetailer can help your company save money and streamline travel management.

 1. Access Discounted Rates and Fares

One of the primary benefits of using a business travel website like AirRetailer is access to discounted rates and fares. Unlike OTAs and direct supplier bookings that offer the same prices available to the general public, AirRetailer provides your employees with exclusive discounts. By leveraging negotiated rates with preferred vendors, your company can save between 14% to 25% on travel costs .

With AirRetailer, travelers can easily access your company’s negotiated rates alongside special discounts and loyalty rates. Search results prioritize the best and cheapest options within your travel policy, ensuring significant savings on every trip.

 2. Compare Prices Across Vendors

Comparison shopping is crucial for finding the best travel deals. Supplier-direct websites restrict travelers to their offerings, while OTAs often bias search results to earn higher commissions. This can limit options and increase costs.

AirRetailer offers unbiased global content for flights, hotels, car rentals, and rail. Our platform allows travelers to compare prices and options based on individual preferences, negotiated rates, and company fare bundles. This transparency helps ensure your employees always get the best value for their travel budget.

 3. Plan Trips Faster and Easier

Booking business travel can be time-consuming, especially when handling flights, hotels, and rental cars separately. A business travel website simplifies this process, saving time and money.

With AirRetailer, travelers can book entire trips — including flights, hotels, and rental cars — all in one place. Advanced search filters and an inventory of business-travel-friendly options make it easy to find the cheapest and best choices. Adherence to established travel policies ensures that all bookings align with company guidelines, protecting your budget.

Our intuitive consumer-grade interface allows travelers to search, book, and manage travel quickly and easily via mobile or desktop, giving valuable time back to your employees.

 4. Make Data-Driven Decisions

Allowing travelers to book freely often leads to chaotic expense tracking and approval processes. This lack of control can obscure travel spending and complicate financial management.

Business travel websites like AirRetailer offer detailed analytics and reporting tools to illuminate travel expenses. Company administrators can track spending, identify savings opportunities, and refine travel policies. Real-time travel insights and dynamic policy engines enable proactive adjustments, ensuring continuous cost savings.

With AirRetailer’s real-time travel insights dashboard, administrators can analyze traveler spend and behavior instantly. Our dynamic policy engine allows setting rules based on department, office, trip type, and supplier, maximizing the benefits of negotiated rates.


AirRetailer delivers a superior business travel website experience, offering significant cost savings and streamlined travel management. By accessing discounted rates, comparing prices across vendors, simplifying trip planning, and leveraging data-driven insights, your company can achieve a more efficient and economical travel program.