Potential Risk

 6 Ways Air Retailer Can Simplify Your Job

Travel managers juggle numerous responsibilities, from booking flights and accommodations to ensuring compliance with travel policies and managing budgets. This multifaceted role can become increasingly time-consuming and complex as a company grows, leading to a higher chance of errors. That’s where Air Retailer comes in. Air Retailer streamlines travel management processes, saving travel managers both…

The Strategic Role of Corporate Travel Managers

Inflation and rising travel costs are significantly impacting corporate travel. As businesses strive to be more strategic about travel and expense (T&E) management, budgets tighten and companies scrutinize spending more closely. With corporate travel accounting for 8% to 12% of an organization’s expenses, the role of corporate travel managers and advanced technology solutions is crucial….

Understanding Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention is more than a routine compliance task; it requires proactive strategies to mitigate fraud risks effectively. Many organizations fall short in this area due to misplaced trust in their employees or a lack of previous issues. However, these companies might be unknowingly experiencing fraud. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) reports that…