Traveler Safety

Features like real-time IATA-approved NDC data and One Order vision, flexible self-booking and expense management tools and 24/7 customer care agents can empower travel bookers, finance and operational managers to protect their traveling employees.

Location-specific data including travel booking itineraries can be easily accessed through various tools on AirRetailer.

Travel Managers can also monitor and restrict bookings based on destination (continent, country and city), airline type, hotel rating, level of car service and so much more.

Real-time communication with a single or a group of travelers using various tools on AirRetailer that provide instant access via SMS or voice calls.


COVID-19 Safety

Real-time data on COVID-19 infection rates, local government restrictions, airline and hotel safety and hygiene protocols can all be accessed on AirRetailer, keeping employees in the know-how even before they book a trip. This information helps them understand what to expect upon arrival and is easily available in the traveler’s itinerary.

Even Airline and Hotel precautionary measures can be updated , allowing them full transparency on their travel. To limit confusion at the airport content rich images outlining mask requirements, cleaning practices, cancellation flexibility, air filtration system details and more can be provided.