Spend Controls

Ensure responsible spending practices and proactive controls enabling trust among employees.

  • Trust and transparency: AirRetailer empowers employees to make business purchases while keeping costs in control. For instance, by setting spending limits upfront, there is clear and visible communication on what is permissible.. 
  • Streamline workflows : With an easy-to-use and automated workflow, inbuilt policies that ensure responsible spending, processes are faster, ensuring better time management.

Better Control

AirRetailers allows finance managers better spend control over corporate travel bookings allowing for cost-savings and better productivity. These policies are automated into the platform enabling a transparent and seamless process on AirRetailer’s interactive dashboards.


Better Performance

Automated planning allows for real-time transaction visibility, automated expense reporting, better visibility regarding spot expenses and purchases. AirRetailer also facilitates   automated expense reporting, minimizing  paperwork and improving performance. 


Better Budgeting

Pre-set on-trip spend controls for employees based on destination, expense category, business context etc, which will automatically activate on travel dates. Admins can adjust individual spending needs and monitor out of policy spends. 


Better Time Management

With a centralized billing system that streamlines payments on a monthly or real-time basis, automated report generation AirRetailer can ensure upto 95 per cent time management and drive smarter decisions on cost-savings and efficiencies.



AirRetailer eliminates the hassle of expense reporting with its automated, efficient reporting. Expenses are duly tracked and transactions  captured to ensure automated spend controls, approvals, reconciliation, and reporting.  

Employees can sync their bank accounts to ensure reimbursements made through a direct deposit. Similarly, all business expenses made using personal funds can be logged in through an out-of-pocket expense form. 


Spend Reporting

Creating daily, weekly or monthly spend reports has never been this easy with AirRetailer, which enables all reports in one place.
With instant access to real-time spend analytics, personalized spend plans,  budgeting, and forecasting, finance teams can get all the reports, data and forecasts they need, in one place.

The Interactive dashboards also enable them to spot new trends, identify spending patterns, and respond immediately to the changing business requirements. 



Better visibility allows for better financial agility.

AirRetailer allows for easier month-end closing with receipts and payment details captured instantly, which means finance managers have immediate knowledge of how much is being spent and where it is being spent on. It further allows for better financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting .

Better transparency allows allows finance teams to mitigate financial risks to the business.